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Pill Carpet

Maintaining established standards permanently is one of the most important characteristics of IsoTek. This also applies to core cooling insulation in transformer construction. IsoTek provides a more efficient process for the market.

IsoTek produces what is called the „pill carpet“ as a core cooling insulator. The material properties of the aramid paper processed here together with the spacers of silicate ceramics provide an optimum combination for core cooling in oil-cooled distribution transformers as well as large traction transformers.

Due to the use of the core cooling mats, effective heat distribution can be ensured by the barrier-free oil flow in the transformer. Due to the extremely low shrinkage properties of the materials used, noise is significantly reduced while operating the transformer.

The core cooling mats are assembled individually into customer-made KITs, which can then be inserted into the respective application in a fit and form accurate manner. The project-specific geometry is of course incorporated, which means that even large transformers can be equipped with custom-fit core cooling mats.