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Flexible insulating materials

The “IsoTherm” product range involves a wide array of various flexible insulating materials.

In addition to films guaranteeing extremely high dielectric strength, you will also find composite materials such as two- or three-layer laminates, combining all the advantages of the individual materials. Depending on the temperature class, you can select from among different materials. These include products such as PFP, VPV, TFT or DMD, along with laminates such as NPN or NKN made of aramid papers.

Particular highlights are products from the company’s own production, such as SynTherm® APA or SynTherm® AHA. All materials are available in various thicknesses and can be trimmed, printed, laminated, impregnated or coated according to your individual needs. Depending on the request, we can also shape these materials into phase insulations, slot insulations or punched parts. The possibilities are virtually endless. We can gladly develop individual solutions for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Foils
  • PFP
  • VPV
  • DMD
  • TFT
  • NPN
  • NKN
  • SynTherm® APA
  • SynTherm® AHA
  • SynTherm® YT