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Individual solutions according to customer requirements such as shield rings, lead-outs, lead structures as well as CNC milled parts complete our offer in the field of transformers.

To enable you to do your job successfully, our solutions and application options are in demand to meet a wide range of requirements. We support you with our high product variance, flexible service and high availability.



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Our products for your components

Some examples

Electrode transformation

We form your electrode for bushing, deflectors and discharge tubes with wet material in the desired layer thickness.


Shield rings

Shield rings are used for field control of windings. We manufacture according to your specifications in various designs.


Preformed lead-outs

Lead-outs are ready-made lead structures
in which the lead-out copper is pre-assembled
ready for connection. This results in enormous
savings in the throughput time for active part


CNC milled parts

IsoTek manufactures individual CNC milled parts for
you with the highest precision. Complex geometries
are manufactured precisely and without errors. This
is ensured by the integrated CAD system and realized
by our 5-axis milling automatics. If you have any
questions about our possibilities, please do not
hesitate to contact us!

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