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Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers are mainly used in industrial areas or large building units. Our products ensure long-life cycles of these transformer systems!

To enable you to do your job successfully, our solutions and application options are in demand to meet a wide range of requirements. We support you with our high product variance, flexible service and high availability.

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Our products for distribution transformers

Some examples

Strip mats

Strip mats are used for the formation of cooling
channels and for insulation in multi-layer windings
or block windings. Depending on the requirements,
we offer bonded mats or threaded non-bonded mats.
The strip dimensions and distances are freely
selectable. Strip materials and carriers are available
for all thermal classes.



We offer cylinders as ready bonded winding cylinders,
open cylinders or split cylinders. Here you can choose
the type of mounting. Based on this, we offer winding
kits with bars, spacers and rings already pre-assembled.




We offer a wide range of strips made of various
materials. We manufacture winding strips with
various profiles according to your specifications.



We manufacture spacers for windings using different profiles. You can select materials for all temperature ranges.


Back-up rings

Back-up rings are used to support the winding and,
depending on the application, are available
horizontally or vertically layered and with or without
increase. Here, too, various materials are available.


Crepe tubes

Crepe tubes replace the manual insulation of winding
lead-outs and lead conductors, thus result in time
saving in the active part assembly. We supply a wide
range of dimensions and for all thermal demands.