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Generators in wind turbines or hydroelectric power plants contribute widely to energy transition. We have the appropriate high-quality insulation materials for your application!

To enable you to do your job successfully, our solutions and application options are in demand to meet a wide range of requirements. We support you with our high product variance, flexible service and high availability.

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Our products for your generators

Some examples

Slot closures

Slot closures classes A to C. Films, laminates, aramid
and even polyimide. Up to 2000 mm length and
0.8 mm thickness.


Slot closures

Slot insulations classes A to C. Film, laminates
aramid and even polyimide. Up to 2000 mm
length, flanged or non-flanged.


3D Stamped and preformed parts

Stamped and formed parts made of insulating films,
manufactured according to your drawings. Flat lying,
pre-stamped, perforated or end-formed. All materials
are available up to a thickness of 2.0 mm.